Winter In Niseko

Snow, as light as you can imagine...

Through the depths of the Northern hemisphere winter, from November to May, Niseko’s now world-famed champagne powder snow falls on a landscape that’s hard to imagine as anything but the purest of whites.

Cold, dry winds rushing off the coast of Siberia into the humid air above the sea of Japan result in some of the lightest & most consistent powder snow accessible anywhere on earth.

Click on the images below to see some of the activities on offer! Our concierge team will assist in making any arrangement to ensure that your stay is both pleasant and enjoyable. Should you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our concierge team.

With 4 connected resorts, Niseko offers 47 kilometers of groomed terrain and endless back-country opportunities in this winter wonderland. Your accommodation with us at Aspect sits at the very center of this in Hirafu Village.

As well as offering some of the world’s most celebrated powder snow, winter in Niseko offers activities for all ages and interests including snowmobiling, snow rafting, snow shoeing, Cat skiing & back country tours, soaking in mineral rich hot springs, internationally renowned festivals & more!

  • 69 runs consisting of 28 lifts and gondolas
  • Over 47 kilometers of resort terrain
  • Longest run is 5.6 kilometers
  • 14 meters average snowfall each season
  • Good mixture of terrain for all levels
  • The resort operates for 12 hours a day
  • The largest night-skiing terrain in the world
  • A wide range of family and thrill seeker activities
Aspect Niseko Ski Resort


During its snow season, Niseko has an average of 14 meters of snow with the most coming in the period of mid December to February. With fresh thick powder, skiers and snowboarders of all stages and age make the most at this time on Niseko’s most scenic and best-groomed runs.
Aspect Niseko Ski Resort


Have experienced local guides take you on a cross-country skiing trip, where you’ll come across plenty of Niseko’s enchanting views, serene valleys and peaceful forests – all while you get a satisfying full-body workout.
Aspect Niseko Ski Resort


For those seeking something distinctively different and fun, try the all-age-friendly experience of zipping over power on a snow raft, towed by a professionally trained snowmobile guide, or race each other in your own individual tubes!
Aspect Niseko Ski Resort


Snowmobiles offer an amazing experience of exploring Niseko’s breath-taking countryside views. Choose to ride alongside professional guides on your own snowmobile or hop on theirs and let them take you on a thrilling ride you won’t want to end.
Aspect Niseko Ski Resort


Ever experienced being on a Snow Cat before? Hop on for an adventurous trip making first tracks, even before the lifts are open. Then when it persists, get on your powder board and fat skis and indulge away.
Aspect Niseko Ski Resort


After cold days of riding fresh powder, soak and relax your tired muscles in a 40C+ Niseko Onsen. Niseko’s natural hot spring is as big of an attraction as its snow – offering holidaymakers a unique experience of submerging in hot steamy springs, while overlooking Niseko’s dreamy natural landscape. What’s more, Niseko Onsen’s mineral-rich composition does wonders to skin, joins, bruises, high blood pressure and even rheumatism.